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Pet Stain & Odor Removal Services

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Carmel Carpet Cleaning - pet stain and odor removal Carmel Carpet Cleaning - pet stain and odor removal


pet_3 Carmel Carpet Cleaning before and after photoAnnoying dirt, stains and spotting that will undoubtedly show up on carpets are not always cleaned with ease. Carmel Carpet Cleaning Company’s deep stain removal service can be trusted to eliminate spills and accidents, blood, dirt and more. We are the best for low cost and skilled deep stain removal.

With only light cleaning of spills and stains the chances are the stains will get worse and will require deep stain removal service. Our spot and stain removal process is the key to cleaning your rough stains and spots without damage to your carpeting.

Professional deep stain removal services. Don’t let ugly stains ruin your carpets

Eliminating pet odor from your carpets is a tough task. Store-bought cleaning products only temporarily mask the odor, so you’re wasting your money if you buy them. Our pet spot and odor removal process treats the problem pet areas by pulling the spot and odor causing contaminates all the way through the carpet padding!

Carmel Carpet Cleaning - How to treat a stain
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